Alternate Contact Numbers inside the app with privacy-controls

Keep mobile number private. Get Tnumber to communicate outside your friends and family

Everything in your life is now linked to your mobile number

The more people and businesses know your mobile number the more trouble you will get into

Spam messages
Privacy problems
Telemarketing calls
Stealing information
Financial frauds
Sharing mobile numbers
creates many problems

How Tnumber works

Between people to people

Calls and messages only if you give one-time permission

  • Contact Requests

    No one and no business can contact you unless you accept contact request

  • Free Calling

    Make free voice calls, and send messages between Tnumbers to Tnumbers. No need to pay any bills.

  • Disappear Chats & Messaging

    Send those private messages, and images which disappears. Others can't take screenshots.

  • Stop Calls and Messages

    Remove contact to stop unnecessary calls and messages

Stay away from unnecessary spam messages, automated calls, and telemarketing calls

Use Tnumber at any offline retail store

Instead of sharing personal mobile number at offline retail stores, Share Tnumber to protect your privacy and control your communications

  • Share Tnumber at offline stores

    Share Tnumber instead of mobile number at your favourite offline businesses

  • Discover offline discounts nearby

    Before you step out for shopping, check discounts offered by all the offline stores. Know where you can save money

  • Keep track of all your reward points

    See where you have reward points across all offline retail stores, use reward points and save money

  • Protect your privacy

    Don't let any offline business know your personal mobile number. Always share Tnumber

Use Tnumber to sign up on websites and mobile apps

When you sign up using Tnumber on online sites and apps— you can control your communications and data. No one gets your mobile number, and no database will have your mobile number saved

How it works?

  • Enter Tnumber during website and apps sign up instead of mobile number
  • Accept contact request from that app/website to receive communications
  • Remove that website or app from Tnumber contacts if you no longer need
  • Protect your privacy, control your information and data

Get Tnumber for Free

Difference between mobile numbers and Tnumbers

Although, mobile numbers are great for communication with friends and family, its too risky to share with people we don’t know, businesses we engage

Mobile Numbers Tnumbers
You need SIM card, telecom network. And you need to pay bills monthly You don't need extra-SIM card. Only smartphone with data. It's free, free calls, and messages
Anyone can call or message without your permission Unless you accept contact request no one call or message you
Even if you block-- others can still call or message you Once you remove contact, they can never calll you or message you EVER. Just like unfriending bad people on Facebook
All telemarketing agencies can call and message you without your permission Without your permission no telemarketing agency can call or message you
Any business can send unnecessary promotional messages, and there is no way to STOP it Only busineses you give permission can send promotional messages. You can STOP it anytime
Anyone can steal your identity and information if they know your mobile number Even if 1000 people know your Tnumber, nothing can reveal about you
If your mobile number is exposed online? So does your banking and financial information Nothing related to your financial and banking is linked in Tnumber. So be safe and secure!
No privacy for anyone, not even for women Built with world-class privacy and security features specially designed for women safety

If you are using any of the UPI payment apps or platforms such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, BhartPe, etc. Your mobile number is probably the new bank account number for you. Sharing your new digital bank account number could put you a lot more trouble than you can imagine tomorrow.

Get app-based alternate contact number for you

Protect your privacy, communicate, and control


Install Tnumber App

Instantly get a privacy-focused alternate contact number for you


Send or receive contact request

Calls and messages ONLY if you accept contact requests


Make or Receive calls and messages

No need to pay anything. All calls and messages are free


You are in control

Simply remove Tnumber contact to stop others from calling and messaging

  • No documents needed
  • No extra-SIM card needed
  • Just a smartphone with mobile data/wifi
Get Tnumber for free

Tnumber can not be used for emergency calling