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For friends and family you have phone number. For everyone else you need a private number i.e Tnumber

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You need to share your contact number. But you don't want to share your phone number. And you don't have any other alternate until now!

Introducing Tnumber

A new contact number with privacy-controls. Meaning you can control it

Share Tnumber wherever you do not want to share phone number

  • Download the app and get free Tnumber
  • Built with contact request mechanism. Meaning without your permission no one call/message you
  • A private number that separates you from your personal life communications
  • All Tnumbers start with letter "T" followed by nine digits
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Tnumber is private number. Which means you get privacy by default

  • How it works
  • Anyone who's not in your friends and family zone? share your private number
  • Send or Receive contact requests
  • Remove contact to stop getting calls and messages


Send and receive messages to your Tnumber from new people. Its free

  • Send normal text messages
  • Send disappear messages which gets disappeared in 3 minutes
  • We don't allow them to take screenshots! yeah, we don't...


Make and recieve free calls. All calls are though VOIP. So it is free.

  • Only accepted contacts can call you. So no robocalls ever
  • Private calls are secure and can not be recorded with Tnumber
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    Dating Applications

    You need to talk to a strange guy or girl on Dating apps? No worries, start sharing Tnumber, and start talking.

  • Stop sharing phone numbers, start sharing Tnumbers
  • With Tnumber, never afraid to share your private number wih a stranger. Because you can contorl this
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    The logos in the illustration belongs to the repective companies, does associate with Tnumber directly or indirectly

    Buy and sell platforms

    Share Tnumber with new people on buy and sell platforms to communicate. Don't give away your phone number. Give your private number

  • Accept contact request from buyers or sellers
  • Make/receive calls and send messages to negotiate
  • Sold or bought the product? Just remove their contact. No more trouble from them
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    Share Tnumbers in Offline Retail Stores

    Everytime you go for shopping, are they asking your contact number? No worries start sharing Tnumbers from now on

  • Accept/Deny the contact requests of the stores you want to
  • Receive reward points everytime you share Tnumber
  • No SPAM messages and total privacy for you when you share Tnumbers
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    Its easy to get Tnumber

    Simple, Secure and free

    Tnumbers private numbers and its free. No need to pay for calls and messages

    Your Private Number

    Outside your friends and family, always share your Tnumber

    Available Worldwide

    Tnumbers are available world-wide. All calls and messages are world-wide too!

    You are not alone

    Tnumber is trusted by more than 100K+ people, already


    People already using Tnumber

    50 Million+

    Seconds people spoke on Tnumber

    4 Million+

    Messages sent

    We are into the business of privacy. Your privacy matters to us

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