About us

What's our mission

Our vision is to create a privacy-focused communication future for everyone. With Tnumber nable people to communicate with the world-around without sharing or asking personal mobile numbers.

If you are using any of the UPI payment apps or platforms such as Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, BhartPe, etc. Your mobile number is probably the new bank account number for you. Sharing your new digital bank account number could put you a lot more trouble than you can imagine tomorrow.

Why we are building Tnumber

A lot of bad players today misusing people's privacy; they use people's information, data. They are selling data and confidentiality for dollars. Today we can not control our mobile numbers on who can reach our inbox? Who can call us?. Because the mobile numbers we're using today does not have any control systems

We are living in a world where our mobile numbers are like "open-gates." Anyone, any business or any automated machine who knows those ten digits mobile number-- can do whatever they want to do with that mobile number. Let alone unstoppable robocalls, spam calls, spam messages, and selling our mobile numbers in the public market. It's a never-ending, and unstoppable "digital-cancer"

Today, at Tnumber we are committed to change this, and slowly we are going to create a world where people don't have to face these problems ever again.

Privacy-focused future for everyone!

Welcome to the next-gen digital telecom