Whether you are a retail brand, small business, website owner, or mobile app owner

You need to ask mobile numbers of your customers to stay in touch with them

Why asking or collecting mobile numbers of your customers isn’t gonna help your business

No respect for your customers privacy

Mobile numbers are new bank account numbers(UPI). So asking the same is also taking away their privacy

Sending bulk messages with no accurate target segment

When you get mobile numbers of customers - you won’t get any data points other than mobile number

One way business message

Since business messages are one way only - customers can’t engage back. So leads for you

No realtime analytics of customers

Since business messages are one way only - customers can’t engage back. So leads for you

Introducing Tnumber for Businesses

A privacy-focused contact number that you can use to stay in touch with your customers without asking their personal mobile number

  • Accept Tnumbers at your store, website, mobile app, or any business you run
  • Send target based promotional business messages to your customers
  • Generate new leads and revenue from Artificial Intelligence business messages
  • 360 degree analytics about your customers. Make intelligent business decisions with data

It’s easier, safe for customers to share their Tnumber than their mobile number

What businesses or industries can use Tnumber

Small Business

Develop Loyal Customer base

Retail Brands

Stay in touch with your customers


Calls between drivers and riders

Food Delivery

Calls between delivery partners & your customers


Order updates and delivery calls between customers and delivery partners

Listing platforms

Buying and selling between users and oweners

Lead Generation Forms

Easily ask contact number upon advertisement clicks

Community Platforms

Seemless calls between users and publishers

Whether you run your business offline, Online We got it covered for your

Offline Retail Brands

Accept Tnumbers
Mobile App Signups

Accept Tnumbers
Website Signups

Accept Tnumbers

Take your business to the next level

No more number masking, no more re-routing calls. Simply call directly your customers Tnumbers

Stop sharing mobile number start sharing Tnumber

Get Your Tnumber