An app-based alternate contact number with privacy-controls for every smartphone user

Communicate with anyone and any business without sharing your personal mobile number

No SIM card and No documents needed. Just a smartphone with data/internet. All calls and messages are free

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Why do you need Tnumber

To survive in this digital age, you need to share your mobile number frequently with new people, businesses and various other places

The number of people and businesses knows your mobile number— The more trouble you get will get. Why?

" The current mobile numbers we use today - does not have control systems. Moreover, these mobile numbers are the new-age digital bank account numbers(UPI ids) "

Introducing Tnumber

Tnumber is a privacy-focused 21st-century contact number that works just like an alternative number for you

Communicate with the world around you without sharing your mobile number

  • No SIM card needed, no documents needed. Just a smartphone with mobile data
  • Accepts contact requests from people and businesses. Start calling and messaging
  • Remove contact to stop getting calls and messages.
  • Free voice calls, messages and disappear chats

Here is the magic— Tnumber built with patent-pending control system mechanism. So even if 1000 people/businesses know your Tnumber, no one can call or message you Unless you accept their contact request.

How Tnumber Works

Tnumber works based on contact requests and control system mechanism with privacy of people in mind

Stop giving and entering mobile number everywhere. Once it stored in any database? It's gone for life.

Share Tnumber instead of mobile number at Retail Brands

Use Tnumber to sign up on mobile apps

Use Tnumber to sign up on websites

Get calls and messages from your favourite businesses on Tnumber

Only those businesses you accept contact request can contact you.

Use Tnumber instead of mobile number anywhere for anything

Instead of sharing personal mobile number share Tnumber to protect your privacy, and save yourself from robocalls, spam calls, spam

Mobile numbers are the new bank account numbers of our digital generation so.

Stop sharing mobile number start sharing Tnumber

Get Your Tnumber