Next-Gen Contact numbers for those who care about privacy

Alternate contact number that you can share with new people, offline stores, and website/app sign ups.

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Sharing phone numbers isn’t a good idea!

Sharing phone numbers enable hackers to steal financial information
1 out of every 3 women receive harassing messages and inappropriate calls on phone numbers
Phone numbers get a lot of spam messages and robocalls

Introducing Tnumber

Tnumber is an alternate contact number highly focused on privacy.

Without your permission no one can call you

Receive and make free calls and messages

Remove contact to stop calls and messages anytime

Tnumber is all about privacy and security. We care about your privacy. That's why you need Tnumber

You can use Tnumber anywhere

Whether you want to share contact number with a stranger OR with a offline retail store OR a website/app — You can share Tnumber instead of phone number

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All the features you need

Free calling and messaging

Enjoy high-quality free* calls

Disappearing chats

Chats and images gets deleted in three minutes.

Accept Contact Requests

Only if you accept a contact request, they can call or message you. Total, privacy!

No screenshot or Call Recordings

No one can take screenshot of chats and images or record conversations

Zero Spam calls and Zero spam messages

No person or business can span your Tnumber

Remove Contact Requests

Remove contact to stop calls and messages from people and businesses. Total, control!

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

Care about your privacy? You need Tnumber

  • No extra-SIM card needed. Just download the app and get free Tnumber
  • Calls and messages works over the internet/wifi/mobile data
  • You’ll get ZERO spam messages, ZERO robocalls, and ZERO harassment calls on Tnumbers
  • All communications are between Tnumbers to Tnumbers

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Tnumber can not be used for emergency calling