Why we are building Tnumber

A lot of bad players today misusing people's privacy; they use people's information, data. They are selling data and confidentiality for dollars. Today we can not control our mobile numbers on who can reach our inbox? Who can call us?. Because the mobile numbers we're using today does not have any control systems

We are living in a world where our mobile numbers are like "open-gates." Anyone, any business or any automated machine who knows those ten digits mobile number-- can do whatever they want to do with that mobile number. Let alone unstoppable robocalls, spam calls, spam messages, and selling our mobile numbers in the public market. It's a never-ending, and unstoppable "digital-cancer"

Today, we are changing that. We are ending that. We are stopping it from happening to our people any further!

What's our mission, anyway

Our mission is to create a privacy-focused digital communication future for everyone with Tnumber and enable people to communicate with the world-around without sharing their mobile number. In the process, we are fully committed to putting an ultimate END to the robocalls, spam calls, automated calls, unknown calls, and spam messages.

The privacy-focused future we're creating for you and everyone else

5-10 years from now on First: The world will see ZERO robocalls, ZERO spam calls, and ZERO spam messages. Second: People's privacy, information, data will be in peoples control only.

Welcome to the 21st Century Contact Number(Tnumber)

Prabhakar Undurthi

Founder & CEO, Tnumber